Our Organization’s motivation.


Our mission is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients at National and International level by delivering the best quality standards in the production and exportation of Carnations, Mini Carnations and Roses.

The pursuit of these objectives and the continuous growth of quality standards are inspired in high ethical values and principles that guide our employees within the guidelines of our Company to ensure quality in all their processes and efficiency in their operations with the appropriate technology.


Our Dream for the future...



Flores San Juan S.A. C.I. projects itself as a Floriculture company with the highest quality in the world so it is well recognized and can supply the wide international market




Flores San Juan S.A. C.I. has values, principles and behaviors which are the base for its development.




- Honesty

- Loyalty

- Respect

- Discipline

- Responsibility

- Team Work

- Friendship

- Persistence

- Creativity




Flores San Juan is committed to corporate social responsibility to guarantee the improvement of all our coworkers` quality of life by complying with our national laws in the labor, social, health and industrial safety standards aspects according to all the ILO agreements and based on sustainable development guidelines that would facilitate people´s progress, environmental care and the quality of the products we export.


Some of the activities we perform in our Company are:

Generation of continuous solid job offers for the population that surrounds our area of operations.

Hiring of female heads of family that belong to vulnerable social groups.

Working side by side with health, housing, savings and training institutions we develop continuous programs that offer solutions to satisfy the most important needs of our coworkers.

Establish occupational safety and health programs as well as industrial safety programs minimizing any risks that would affect the integrity of our coworkers and allow them to have safe jobs.

The performance of group activities and other campaigns to affirm each and everybody´s commitment to the FLORES SAN JUAN BIG FAMILIY.

Through these activities we are convinced that our dreams can be reached by having the human factor as the foundation for the present and future development of our organization.



The environmental responsibility of a company is based on the fact that the organization knows the impacts (high, medium and low) that causes on each and every environmental component such as people, vicinity, water, air, soil, flora and fauna and implements different courses of action to try to reduce or eliminate the possible negative effects that production causes on the natural resources. In the case of the Flower industry the effects are higher on resources such as water because of its use and possible contamination, the soil because of its degradation by changes in its physical and chemical characteristics. Also the landscape is affected by changes in its appearance. These are the reasons why the Flower industry has designed strategies to eliminate such possible impacts by following all the guidelines, laws and programs regarding the environment as well as continuous improvement programs that have as a main object the maintenance of the natural resources and sustainable production processes. Among other activities we have obtained water and soil permits by implementing programs to save and use water efficiently, generation of fertilization programs that are permanently watched to determine levels of nutrients. We also have reforestation programs in important ecological areas by planting native species, permanent training of all the personnel involved and the population in the vicinity. All these actions in order to make sure that our flower industry stays sustainable for a long time without harming the environment.