Social Responsability

Flores San Juan está comprometida con la responsabilidad social empresarial para garantizar el mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de todos nuestros colaboradores mediante el cumplimiento de nuestras leyes nacionales en los aspectos laborales, sociales, de salud y normas de seguridad industrial de acuerdo a todos los convenios de la OIT y con base en […]

Environmental Impact

The environmental liability of a company are based on the fact that the organization knows the impacts (high, medium and low) that causes on each and every environmental component such as people, vicinity, water, air, soil, flora and fauna and implements different courses of action to try to reduce or eliminate the possible negative effects […]


Our Dream for the future… Flores San Juan will be the higher quality flower grower in the world, so its brand will be easily recognizable and able to meet the demand of the international markets.    


Our reason to be Our mission is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers in the local and export markets, providing them with total quality in the production and exporting of Roses, Carnations and Spray Carnations. The quest for these porpouses and the continual Quality improvement are inspired in the most ethical values […]