Environmental Impact

The environmental liability of a company are based on the fact that the organization knows the impacts (high, medium and low) that causes on each and every environmental component such as people, vicinity, water, air, soil, flora and fauna and implements different courses of action to try to reduce or eliminate the possible negative effects that production causes on the natural resources. In the case of the Flower industry the effects are higher on resources such as water because of its use and possible contamination, the soil because of its degradation by changes in its physical and chemical characteristics also the landscape is affected by changes in its appearance. These are the reasons why the Flower industry has designed strategies to eliminate such possible impacts by following all the guidelines, laws, and programs regarding the environment as well as continuous improvement programs that have as a main object the maintenance of the natural resources and sustainable production processes. Among other activities we have obtained water and soil permits by implementing programs to save and use water efficiently, generation of fertilization programs that are permanently watched to determine levels of nutrients. We also have reforestation programs in important ecological areas by planting native species, permanent training of all the personnel involved and the population in the vicinity. All these actions to make sure that our flower industry stays sustainable for a long time without harming the environment.

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